Talking Trash

Our regular collection day is Tuesday, and trash can be placed on the curb for pickup
no earlier than 6pm on Monday. This includes our rolling bins as well as bags of lawn
When you place your bins, be sure they are curbside (not in the street) and placed atleast three feet apart

Lawn clippings must be bagged in the approved clear, biodegradable bags with the
city-approved logo. If you pay a lawn service to bag your clippings, they are responsible for removing them from your property. Please do not leave lawn clipping bags or
bundles on the curb beyond the Monday 6pm through Tuesday time frame. Alternatively, see last month’s Pulse for an article on composting!

Heavy trash collection has recently changed. It is now the third Thursday of each
month. Tree waste is collected in the odd numbered months and junk waste is collected in the even numbered months.

Home Security Tips from the Citizen Patrollers

  • Lit porch lights deter crime.
  • Keep gates closed.
  • Lock your doors.
  •  If you have an alarm, be sure to set it.
  •  A well-kept yard shows that people are home and that they are mindful of their homes.
  • Park cars in garages or behind gates to deter theft from vehicles.
  •  If you do not have SPP stickers on your vehicles, please get them

2013 SPP Dues & Deputy Constable Patrol Fundraising

Letters were mailed on January 15 to residents who have not fulfilled their 2013 dues as
well as to residents who have not fulfilled or only partially fulfilled the suggested $200 donation to the Deputy Constable Patrol Program. The 2013 SPP Fundraising Program which
kicked off last September is making great progress with approximately 50% of all residents
participating so far. Some residents have made multiple donations in various amounts to
the Deputy Constable Program until they fulfilled the suggested annual amount, so please
consider this if you receive a letter indicating your status as partially fulfilled. The Civic Club
would like everyone to participate. Of course any amount you are able to donate to the
Deputy Constable Patrol is appreciated. Thanks to all who have already participated.

SPP Citizens Patrol

We would like to extend a big welcome to our newest patrollers who will attend the next training session on Tuesday August 14th. They are Romi Sandel, Joel Sandel, and Mike Dorn.  Make them feel welcome.  If there are any other patrollers who need to be recertified at this time, they too can attend this training at 9455 West Montgomery at 7:00 PM.  Anyone interested in becoming a patroller must complete and submit an application to HPD at least one week before the training session.  Applications can be obtained online at Houston Police or by contacting Chuck at 713-683-9945.

$25 gas cards are now being given out for every ten hours of driving patrol time.  We are trying to get more patrollers to drive more often for more hours to keep our neighborhood safe and crime free. The program is intended to reward patrollers by compensating them for some of their gas and vehicle expenses.  While walking and biking hours are not eligible for the cards, they remain a valued and appreciated part of our patrol organization. The Civic Club Board will evaluate the program at the end of August to see if it has had the desired effect.  If you want to see the gas card program continued, start driving more hours.