Constable Program

Help Protect SPP for 90 Cents a Day

SPPCC’s 2024 Deputy Constable Patrol Fundraising Campaign is underway and if you’ve not yet contributed, it’s not too late. The suggested donation for 2024 is $325 or just 90 cents a day—a lot less than a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

What do you get for $325?

Two uniformed deputies patrolling our neighborhood in a marked vehicle 80 hours per week. With these two shifts, we now have night and day coverage!
Additionally, officers from the Constable’s patrol division make numerous sweeps of SPP when our deputy is not on duty. There are not more dedicated officers on the force. They consider SPP their own neighborhood and are resolved to keep SPP a safe place to live. Their work hours are set by the SPP Board and are based on crime statistics for our neighborhood and the patrol hours of our Citizens Patrol. A great part of the time, our deputy is patrolling while we are all fast asleep.

Why do we need a Deputy Constable Patrol?

Just open the newspaper and read about the crime in our city! The Houston Police Department is stretched to the limit and we have had instances in SPP where the police never responded to a call. Having an officer only a minute away is a great comfort and an even better deterrent to criminals.

Won’t you send in your contribution today?

The quicker we receive your donation, the better able we are to budget for the coming year. It also saves us the cost of mailing a second notice. If you can’t afford the $325 fee, please send what you can. Sadly, less than 55% of SPP residents contribute to the program. The other 45% receive the benefits but contribute nothing to the program. If this trend continues, we will not have a program. If we had 100% participation, we could add an extra deputy to the program. Let’s all get on board and support this important security program for our neighborhood.

Important Constable Program Documents

Constable Vacation Watch Form