What are the benefits of natural oils?

by Shannon Zierau

the benefits of natural oilsHouston is famous for oil production and much of the city works in “oil” in one form or another it seems. We all know the benefits of oil for our cars and the energy industry, so what about the benefits of oil for our body? Contrary to popular belief oil, specifically NATURAL oil, is actually very beneficial and essential to a healthy body, and mind. The villains of this oil industry are the highly processed oils that cause skin and dietary issues and clog the body, whereas natural oils work WITH the body and its efficient elimination processes via skin, hair and digestion.
Almond oil is rich in monosaturated fats that make it super hydrating for skin and hair. The oil contains glycosides, minerals and vitamins and is rich in protein. Almond oil is good for all skin types and helps to relieve dryness, itching and inflammation.

Grapeseed oil is a favorite of mine. It is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that help stop acne. It also has special qualities that act like an astringent firming and tightening delicate facial skin.

Jojoba oil’s chemical structure has very similar components to our own natural oil structure making it a perfect match for skin hair and body.

Coconut Oil is the super oil of oils. Not only is it fantastic for soothing and smoothing our outsides, it is an excellent conditioner and cleanser for our insides. The benefits of its molecular structure can be experienced through ingestion as well as a topical solution for moisturizing skin and treating skin irritations.

These are just a few examples of the many beneficial oils available. Other oils to explore include tea tree, lavender and a world of essential oils that impart many benefits for the body and mind. All of these oils are found in most over the counter beauty products in a very “watered” down and fragrant form although as with many things, in their pure natural state they can work more effectively. Many can be purchased at your local grocery store, natural foods store or online.


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