Holiday Arch History

Shepherd Park Plaza has long been known for their holiday decorations. Of particular note, is the tradition of the lighted arches. These lighted arches have a long history, going back to the 1960’s. In fact, our neighborhood arches have been a holiday highlight, catching the attention of KHOU 11, Houstonia Magazine, and online at ‪

This tradition has grown into a neighbor-wide event, with street having annual arch planning meetings and then an arch decorating and raising party. Arch decorations range from giant candy canes, to light catching garlands of tinsel. Arch crests have been adorned with snowflakes, red ribbons, and menorahs for Hanukkah.

It’s truly quite a sight to behold when you enter the Shepherd Park Plaza neighborhood. The festive holiday spirit captures you right there and you can’t help but be transported to the magical wonderland that these neighbors have created.

Once you enter and travel along the streets, don’t forget to look down and at the yards themselves! Many streets have themes that are carried through the entire block – Christmas trees, snowmen, ‘Holiday Words’, ‘Movies of the Season’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, and more keep coming!

The Shepherd Park Plaza Civic Club has coordinated hayrides, complete with blankets and hot coco for residents to take in and admire their collective hard work. There are Civic Club awards for holiday decorations, including best cul-de-sac, best lighting, most religious, best door, best window and Children’s favorite.

Christmas lights in Shepherd Park Plaza in Houston, TX
40+ minutes of driving compressed to 7 minutes.

Media history:

2015 / 2019 – Houstonia’s magazine – Where to see the best Christmas lights

2014 – Interview with KHOU

2016 – Article by TexasHillCountry