Local “Citizens On Patrol” Training

SPP Needs You!
Local “Citizens On Patrol” Training
Tuesday, August 26, 7pm

SPP has just joined with Candlelight Plaza in hiring a second Deputy Constable. This is a great step in improving security in our neighborhood, but true 24/7 coverage would require five deputies!
To continue to bridge the gap in coverage, we neighbors step in via Citizens On Patrol, or COP.An important part of our neighborhood security plan since 1991 has been our Citizen’s Patrol group. Being the eyes and ears for local law enforcement, and being visible on our streets, this dedicated group of residents lowered crime in SPP by over 70% almost immediately.

Some of these initial volunteers are still on the job but our numbers are declining.We desperately need new patrollers on the street to keep this the safe neighborhood we want for ourselves and our families. Yes, crime is low in our community but this is a result of our vigilance as a community.
This is where you come in. Won’t you contribute one hour of your time each week to help keep the criminals out and your home safe?  You don’t even have to schedule your time!
The one requirement is to attend the official COP Training.  We have arranged for a training session close to home in order to simplify the process of joining COP.

Sgt. Frank Escobedo presents COP Training
Near North Storefront
1334 west 43rd Street

Tuesday, August 26th at 7:00 P.M.

Prior to the training you must download the Citizen Patrol Application and Criminal History Authorization Form. This form must be completed and mailed to – Houston Police Department, c/o Sgt. Frank Escobedo, 9455 West Montgomery, Houston, TX 77088 – one week before the training (by Tuesday, August 19).  Participants must be over 18 years of age with no criminal history.

If the above link did not work, here is the url: www.houstontx.gov/police/vip/vip_citzpatrol.htm. We all have a desire to protect our family, our home, and our neighbors.  Please plan to attend this 1-2 hour session which will enable you to patrol as much or as little as your schedule permits. Thank you for your consideration.

Chuck Blesener

What are the benefits of natural oils?

by Shannon Zierau

the benefits of natural oilsHouston is famous for oil production and much of the city works in “oil” in one form or another it seems. We all know the benefits of oil for our cars and the energy industry, so what about the benefits of oil for our body? Contrary to popular belief oil, specifically NATURAL oil, is actually very beneficial and essential to a healthy body, and mind. The villains of this oil industry are the highly processed oils that cause skin and dietary issues and clog the body, whereas natural oils work WITH the body and its efficient elimination processes via skin, hair and digestion. read more

Joining Forces for Increased Safety and Security

We hear a lot about what makes Shepherd Park Plaza a great place to live, like great neighbors, active citizens, an elementary school in our boundaries and the safe feeling the residents have living here. One of the greatest assets we have is a strong relationship with Harris County Constable’s office. For many years, SPP has been participating in the Constable program by paying for a deputy to patrol our neighborhood. This keeps crime at bay and makes our residents feel safe. The deputy patrolling our neighborhood is James Moulden, and he does a great job of keeping an eye on things and the bad guys at bay. We have a great opportunity to expand our Constable program by joining forces with Candlelight Plaza, our neighbor to the North. The opportunity is to hire an additional Constable which would work in conjunction with our current Constable to provide security to both neighborhoods.
read more

2014 SPP Civic Club Fundraising Campaign has Begun

By now, you have received a mailed letter and statement kicking off the 2014 SPP Civic
Club Fundraising for both Civic Club Membership and the Constable Patrol Program.
The 2014 campaign runs from September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014, and while
donations are received all year long, we request your prompt reply as our 2014 contract
with Harris County for our Deputy Patroller must be signed and executed in December.

While participation in each program is voluntary, the neighborhood has historically seen
strong participation, which is evident in the care our neighbors take in our properties
and our neighbors and friends around us. We urge neighbors to participate as your
continuous support helps maintain successful operations.

Membership dues are $25 per year. The requested donation to the Constable Patrol
Program is $200 per household.

New Neighborhood Email Alert System

In July, we launched a new email system to manage electronic communications and alerts to the neighborhood. Many of you were already subscribed from our previous system, and we carried you over to the new system.

Have you received an email yet from our new system? Feeling left out? Subscribe from on left menu bar to receive SPP email alerts.

Back to School—What’s New with Durham Elementary?

Angela Sugarek (asugarek@houstonisd.org) has been selected and accepted the
position to be the new Principal for Durham Elementary School! Welcome Ms.

Durham has also been experiencing some physical changes this summer with
some work included under the previous (2007) bond funds. From HISD’s website,
here is a description of the scope of work:

Renovations including safety/security systems improvements, mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems improvements, a new PA system, window replacements, and ADA code compliance.

Follow Durham updates by “liking” the
“Durham Elementary School PTA” page
on Facebook.

Talking Trash

Our regular collection day is Tuesday, and trash can be placed on the curb for pickup
no earlier than 6pm on Monday. This includes our rolling bins as well as bags of lawn
When you place your bins, be sure they are curbside (not in the street) and placed atleast three feet apart

Lawn clippings must be bagged in the approved clear, biodegradable bags with the
city-approved logo. If you pay a lawn service to bag your clippings, they are responsible for removing them from your property. Please do not leave lawn clipping bags or
bundles on the curb beyond the Monday 6pm through Tuesday time frame. Alternatively, see last month’s Pulse for an article on composting!

Heavy trash collection has recently changed. It is now the third Thursday of each
month. Tree waste is collected in the odd numbered months and junk waste is collected in the even numbered months.

Home Security Tips from the Citizen Patrollers

  • Lit porch lights deter crime.
  • Keep gates closed.
  • Lock your doors.
  •  If you have an alarm, be sure to set it.
  •  A well-kept yard shows that people are home and that they are mindful of their homes.
  • Park cars in garages or behind gates to deter theft from vehicles.
  •  If you do not have SPP stickers on your vehicles, please get them