Joining Forces for Increased Safety and Security

We hear a lot about what makes Shepherd Park Plaza a great place to live, like great neighbors, active citizens, an elementary school in our boundaries and the safe feeling the residents have living here. One of the greatest assets we have is a strong relationship with Harris County Constable’s office. For many years, SPP has been participating in the Constable program by paying for a deputy to patrol our neighborhood. This keeps crime at bay and makes our residents feel safe. The deputy patrolling our neighborhood is James Moulden, and he does a great job of keeping an eye on things and the bad guys at bay. We have a great opportunity to expand our Constable program by joining forces with Candlelight Plaza, our neighbor to the North. The opportunity is to hire an additional Constable which would work in conjunction with our current Constable to provide security to both neighborhoods.

At the present time, 60% of SPP residents voluntarily contribute $200 a year to pay for our current Constable program. This pays for the Constable for a full year and provides some cushion for private security during high traffic times, such as December holiday season.  If an additional 200 residents would participate in the Constable program, we would be able to hire an additional full-time constable and split the costs 70%/30% with Candlelight Plaza (this is a proportional split based on the number of homes in each neighborhood).  Having 16 hours per day coverage will greatly increase the visibility of the deputy.  This great program is paid for by some of our residents, yet EVERYONE benefits!  Regardless of your ability, please either make the suggested $200 donation, or whatever amount you’re able.  We can also process monthly or quarterly payments if that works better for you.    If you have specific questions regarding how the program will benefit you, please contact us and we’ll discuss.