Section Information

Did you know that you not only live in a great neighborhood, but you also reside in one of SPP’s four sections? Your Section Rep—someone who lives in your section—represents you on the SPP Civic Club board. These folks distribute neighborhood flyers, choose the Yard of the Month winners and help organize neighborhood-wide events

Section One

4400-4511 Apollo, 900-1191 Chamboard, 900-1187 Curtin

Contact : Kelly Sebesta

Deed Restrictions for Section One

Section Two

4602-4614 Alba, 4703-4715 Apollo, 902-1166 Chantilly, 4602-4619 Chantilly Circle, 4703-4719 Clift Haven, 4603-4619 Dunsmere, 4615-4718 Golf, 942- 1147 Thornton, 4702-4719 Thornton Circle

Contact: Sarah Suarez

Deed Restrictions for Section Two

Section Three

4723-4729 Apollo, 4702-4729 Brian Haven, 1002-1125 Cheshire, 1002-1116 Martin

Contact: Carmen Busceme

Deed Restrictions for Section Three

Section Four

4803-4907 Apollo, 4803-4805 Brian Haven, 1002-1139 Candlelight, 1002-1139 Richelieu

Contact: Grant Gauld

Deed Restrictions for Section Four