Pay Constable and Membership Dues

Option #1 – Preferred! Venmo $350 to @SPPCC and avoid the PayPal fees!

Option #2 – PayPal (no account required – just a credit card)

Pay Civic Club and Constable Dues together! – $356

$25 + $325 + $6 processing fee

Pay the full $325 recommended amount towards the Constable Program and receive two 2024 car stickers showing your support! Stickers will be delivered in Dec/Jan timeframe


We graciously accept additional donations towards our Constable Program and Citizen Patrol Program.  These contributions help offset those that are unable to pay the full amount due to financial hardship.  You may specify an amount of your choosing on the checkout page

Option #3 – Pay by Check! If you would prefer to pay by check, please download and print this form

New for 2023/2024: Subscribe to auto process your Civic Club Dues and Constable Donation ($325 + $25 + $6 Paypal processing fee) and never worry about forgetting if you’ve paid or not! Charges will recur every 365 days until you cancel.

Your street address & Name

You can cancel the subscription by logging into your PayPal account, navigating to the recurring payments portion of your profile and cancel the billing agreement

If you would like to pay for your Civic Club dues and Constable Patrol dues separately, please use the buttons below:

Pay Civic Club Membership Dues

$25 + $1 processing fee

Pay Constable Patrol Dues

$325 + $6 processing fee