Officers and Commitees

If you wish to contact any of the SPP officers or Committee members please use the email links below.

Board Meetings

The Shepherd Park Plaza Civic Club Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month in Board members’ homes. If you would like more information about attending a meeting, please contact our Hospitality Chair. Due to limited space in private homes, advance notice is appreciated. In addition, there are two general meetings per year in which all residents of Shepherd Park Plaza are invited to attend. These meetings are posted on this website on the Home page.


President: Courtney Selinidis

Vice President: Jesse Yoburn

Secretary: Kelly NcNeill

Treasurer: Tom Caver


Membership: Michele Wiechman

Parks & City Liason: Deborah DeBram & Katherine Peale

Deed Restrictions: Darryl Rickaway

Architectural Control: Darryl Rickaway

Historian: Aurelien Bouchet

Greeter: Shannon Zierau, Ally Hilsher, Courtney Siegmund

Plaza Pulse Editor: Rachel Mathews

Plaza Pulse Co Editor: Laurie Hardwick & Romi Sandel

Publicity/Advertising: Holly Inderrieden

Constable: Bill Scheel

Citizens Patrol Coordinator: Deborah DeBram, Katherine Peale

Entrance Flower Beds Maintenance: Elissa Walters

Plaza Moms: Rachel Nolan

Plaza Moms: Jeannine Petree

Mens Club: New Committee Chair TBD

Garden Club: Garden Club

Hospitality: Leslie Bordelon

Webmaster: Aurélien Bouchet


Section 1:Kelly Sebesta

Section 2:Davi Case Garza

Section 3:Romi Sandel

Section 4:Dave Barrett