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US flag in Sheperd Park Plaza

Civic Club Looking for a new Flag Ambassador

It has been 6 years since SPP purchased and began flying the United States flags on neighborhood street lights on/around national patriotic holidays. Our current Flag Ambassador, Mike Evans on Candlelight Ln, is unable to continue his efforts in this volunteer activity, so a new volunteer is needed. If you are interested in volunteering to become the next SPP Flag Ambassador please let Mike Evans or our board president, Tom Caver at President@ShepherdParkPlaza.com. Duties of this position consists of owning or having access to a pickup truck and be the lead person in getting our flags flying in the neighborhood on 4 national holidays. Other responsibilities include storing the flags in your garage as well as storing the rig used to easily install the flags. The process of flying the flags requires 2-3 person, so scheduling assistants is also required.

Also, the Civic Club has approved the purchase of new flags as our current ones have approached their useful life, so be on the lookout for new brilliant flags on the next time we fly our flags which may likely be Veterans Day.