SPP Drainage Project – 2021-23

Garden Oaks/Shepherd Park West – Drainage Project– Begin August 30, 2021, through Fall 2023

Summary Report –   Zoom Meeting 8/26/21 – 5:30 PM 

Work Days – Monday – Saturday 7AM – 7 PM

Public Works – including 900 block of Wakefield

Kenya Williams – Capital Projects Public Engagement Team – buildforward@houstontx.gov

Contractor Project Manager – Maher Matta 713-501-3773 

Inspector – Charles Jones 281 382-7971

Maps, details available at Project Page – https://www.engagehouston.org

Abbie Kamin –Council person – District C

What to expect:

Work will begin at Judiway Street, and proceed north. Streets will be flagged, right-of-way will be marked and there will be digging, paving, sidewalk rebuilds (except Garden Oaks no sidewalks). Notices will be hung on your door notifying of impending work (such as arrangements for temporary driveway), street parking will be reduced.  There will be lane closures, and impacted intersections will be closed for installation of large culvert boxes (SPP box size is 6 ft x 5 ft). Water will be cut off for approximately 2 hours for each box installation. There will be open excavations, exercise caution. Impacted areas will be restored. Work will include some Sundays. Generally, they will repair your driveway from the sidewalk to the roadway only. Sidewalks will be replaced at the standard 5-foot width. Water meters will be replaced if they are broken or moved in the process. Any dying trees in the right-of-way area will be removed, temporary drainage will be provided downstream. Safety is #1. Inconvenience is temporary, adjustments may have to be made. Nothing will be improved above or beyond the contract specifications!

What you can do:

Stay informed by attending monthly online status meetings, sign up online at engagehouston.org for electronic notifications. Check the project map to see if your property will be impacted. Watch the process. If you have any questions, concerns or need to discuss any accommodations, contact Inspector Charles Jones or Contractor Maher Matta.

Photo document your property before and after project for reference. Relocate any shrubs in the right-of-way area you want to save. If you have an irrigations system in the right-of-way area, show it to contractor so he knows it is there. In meantime, rely on hose watering for your plants.  If you have a special big tree in the right-of-way you want to save, talk to the Project Manager to see if he can.

Please leave all right-of-way markers in place.