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Talking Trash

Our regular collection day is Tuesday, and trash can be placed on the curb for pickup no earlier than 6pm on Monday. This includes our rolling bins as well as bags of lawn clippings. When you place your bins, be … read more

2013 SPP Dues & Deputy Constable Patrol Fundraising

Letters were mailed on January 15 to residents who have not fulfilled their 2013 dues as well as to residents who have not fulfilled or only partially fulfilled the suggested $200 donation to the Deputy Constable Patrol Program. The 2013 SPP Fundraising … read more

SPP Citizens Patrol

We would like to extend a big welcome to our newest patrollers who will attend the next training session on Tuesday August 14th. They are Romi Sandel, Joel Sandel, and Mike Dorn.  Make them feel welcome.  If there are any … read more